Halal Chain

Open and Credible Distributed

Through the Internet of things, blockchain technologies and smart contracts,
a global halal product ecosystem is established to regulate halal food industry certification system,
which aims to trace Halal food, medicine and cosmetics at it's respective origin.

White Paper   


Halalchain Token has already been listed on 5 major global exchanges: zb.com/allcoin.com/btctrade.im/xbrick.io/coinegg.com Looking forward to follow-up exchanges.

Although the global Islamic economy industry has the potential of serving the world's muslim population and beyond, it's still in infancy stage coming up with a variety of challenges and development concerns.

Prosperous, sharing decentralized and dynamic industry.

Moreover, the intrinsic and supportive ecosystem is not established to relate Islamic economy in all its spheres, which should be in place to create a virtuous circle and to initiate a solid foundation for a prosperous,sharing, decentralized and dynamic industry. In particular, from the perspective of Halal food, an industry that matters to every Muslim consumer is long suffered with poor regulation for raw material, centralized monitoring system, inaccurate and non-authenticate Halal products data, and lack of Globally Reorganized Halal Certification System, which limits the industry to realize its full potential.


Reliable data acquisition system

There is no manual intervention during the automatic collection and uploading of product information in the supply chain that ensures accuracy of the data.

Distributed halal food supply chain

Based on the block chain and smart contract technology, the product information data on the chain is unique and resistant to modification.

Decentralized product traceability platform

The platform data is ensured safely and reliably through the optimization of the PBFT protocol and separate deployment of the central node and enterprise node.

Leading cross chain protocol

The cross chain data exchange and transmission between blockchain and consortium chain is realized through the adoption of cross chain multi-chain protocol.

  • Halal Chain System

    Consensus data processing
    and storage system

    the blockchain platform based on fabric and Halal-Chain could realize classified storage of the data collected by the IOT device,
    of which the consensus data would be stored in the blockchain, while the image data and product data would be
    stored in the IPFS distributed storage system via the adoption of Meckel tree technology from Ethereum.

  • Halal Chain System

    IOT data collection system

    The core value of the IOT system is that the production information would be automatically collected and uploaded by the IOT device to
    the blockchain platform without any manual involvement, which could safeguard the uniqueness and credibility of the data.

  • Halal Chain System

    As the part linked with end users, the Halal products traceabil

    s the part linked with end users, the Halal products traceability platform could provide tracing and verifying services,
    as well as token exchange service.


HalalChain project completed preliminary market research and reached a strategic cooperation agreement with a number of production enterprises in halal food industry May.2017
Project completed angel financing, by entertainment workshop, poly coin network lead Aug.2017
The project start-up team led by CEO completed the project roadshow in the Middle East of Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore, and completed the registration of the main companies in Dubai Oct.2017
The HalalChain project was introduced to Dubai, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Australia, and the project was officially launched as an international project Oct.2017
HalalChain food traceability platform V1 version online test Jan.2018
HalalChain public chain global release, began to open beta Nov.2018
02Jun.2017 Completed the technical selection, use quantum chain as the underlying development platform, the Ink cross-chain agreement, platform technology framework to complete the design, verification
04Sep.2017 To complete the project team expansion, hire Mr. Han Guangyu as the overall project leader and CEO, develop project development plan, the project entered a new stage
06Oct.2017 The project has established cooperative relations with Dubai airlines, the Prime Minister of Malaysia FTA department, Singapore Ethis group, Malaysia Qingzhen Development Department
08Nov.2017 HalalChain project release conference was held and product solutions were released to the world
10May.2018 HalalChain solutions first batch of pilot enterprises have been launched
12Apr.2019 HalalChain food traceability platform V2 version formally launched, in the global halal food enterprises large-scale promotion and Application


  • Dubai co-founder

    Sultan Al Howymel

    Sultan Al Howymel is an entrepreneur, researcher and a professional financial consultant who have well managed several researches and projects in the field of banking, finance, technology, telecom and media.

    China co-founder

    Abdullah Han Guangyu

    Graduated from Minzu University of China, Islamic finance and block integration researcher. Has 10 years of international business, investment and financing, and business entity operation experience.

    Pakistan co-founder

    Dr Farrukh Habib

    Dr. Farrukh Habib is a Sharia (Islamic jurisprudence) and Islamic finance expert. He is Researcher at International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA)

    Australia co-founder


    Saad Nottingham has a MBA degree from Trent University. He has multiple block chain project development experience.Major in blockchain technology development, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things

    Nigeria co-founder


    Prof. Abdu salam is expert in Islamic Economics and finance. He has great experience in both practical and Academic research in Islamic economics and finance.

    Malaysia co-founder

    Sulaiman Liu

    Dr. Sulaiman is the Co-founder of Alsadiq Consulting Sdn. Bhd., the first Islamic Economy and Finance consultancy firm in Malaysia dedicated to the Belt & Road Initiative. He is also a frequent invited speaker of various International forums and events.

Adviser Team

Patrick Shuai

Patrick is the founder of Qtum.

William Van Lith

An experienced entrepreneurial professional bridging the gap between business and IT.

Umar Munshi

Founder, Ethis Ventures CEO, EthisCrowd.com CEO, NusaKapital.com Chairman, Islamic Fintech Aliance


Australia's silver capital founder, Hcash co-founder, a famous investor

Ronnie Faizal Tan

Founder of My Outlets.

Zheng Zuo

SpaceChain Founder, Partner of HQ Capital and founder of Jidian Information & Technology Co.,

Tang Ling

Ink Labs Foundation founder

Yen Wan Zaheran

She is also a non-executive Director of YMM (Mal) Sdn Bhd.

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