Fun Facts About Exams

Exams or tests, when we used to hear this word as a kid, the bright students would become happy and some of us would be really freaked out. Because this was the only this that startled us, no matter how hard we studied, there was something about the exam hall that made us forget what we learned last night. But we are passed that now and now we have come up with the most interesting and some fun facts about exams which you didn’t knew. The first fact might make you angry because you will be shocked to know that before 19th century, there used to be no exams. Hard to believe right but this is the fact and everything went super bad when an American businessman and philanthropist came up with the idea of exam in the 19th century. His name was Henry Fischel. He hired only the employees who passed his exam which has some questions on a paper about his line of business. And this thing made a huge impact on his business and this thing was then followed by schools and by the law as well. And it was then made mandatory. Feel angry yet!

Another interesting and fun fact is that no matter how hard you study and how long you study, unless you don’t see the question paper, you won’t know that you are prepared or not, unless you are a genius. It was said by psychologists, that seeing a tough paper gives you the same anxiety like being in a fist fight. Psychologists also say that if you are too alert or anxious or extra confident about your preparation, you can instantly forget what you remembered last night. There are actually people who have photographic memory, it’s like these people just have to read the book thoroughly and they remember each and every word they saw in the book. The percentage of these people are less and they seldom reveal their secret. 

Psychologists also say that when you say the word that the exam is going to be tough, your mind prepares you to fail and some of us actually do. So, always say positive things before starting your exam like, I can do, or things like that. You can enroll you kid at best international school in Doha or in kindergarten school in qatar as well.