Different kinds of ballistic glass

Bulletproof glass after the shooting with traces of bullets, test, close-up

There are mainly fie kinds of balletic glass which are divided according to the material from which they are made and the protection they will provide. You will get ballistic glass windshield for your car if you want to get that from protection of any enemy or from any potential accident. These glasses are also used in the military or police vans as the armored glass to protect them from the enemies. Here are five different kinds of glass:

Traditional: It is the first ever made ballistic glass and that’s why known as the traditional ones. They are made up of glass and resin but due to resin they will get so heavy and rigid when it comes to give them a shape or cut them. Due to this drawback they are now very less in demand and people will only use them as the house window shield.

Insulated: This is the most suitable one because it is clear as the normal glass but have great protection against enemies or forced entries. Basically they were created to protect the normal house hold, schools and other buildings of similar nature but they are still in demand because they do not give a blurry vision and do not stop the light emission. Due to the clarity they are liked by people because it does not stops the day light from entering in to the house. It provides an average level of security.

Acrylic: This is the most common of all because it is made up of clear plastic like material called as acrylic. There is no glass included in that still it is called as acrylic ballistic glass. These are easy to cut and carve due to the properties of plastic and because of the single layer they will provide amazing clarity of vision too. They will provide a good glaze due to the plastic but they are most suitable inside as the UV rays of sun will damage the plastic.

Polycarbonate: It is not very popular now because of the some draw backs of it. The main drawback is that it has a tint in that and it will reduce the clear vision but it is softer than acrylic so it can be molded or cut easily. It is not very thick but still provides great protection against force entry bullets.