Five facts about vaping

Five facts about vaping

If you are looking to quit your smoking habit, vaping is one of the most effective solutions for you. Smoking is injuries to health and causes many diseases such as oral cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other health problems. On the other hand, vaping is less harmful than smoking and fulfills your nicotine needs. However, vaping helps to get rid of smoking and prevent developing health risks. It also helps to lower blood pressure and strengthen your heart. In this article, you will read below the five facts about vaping that you should know before starting myle in UAE.

Better than smoking:

When you smoke regularly, you intake a high amount of nicotine that is harmful to your oral and general health. You are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases, stroke, and many other health problems. However, by using vape, you have control over nicotine consumption. Vaping not only fulfills your nicotine needs but also protects you from dangerous diseases.

Excessing use of vape is harmful to lungs and heart:

Undoubtedly, vaping is the best solution to eliminate the smoking habit, as said by vape shops in Abu Dhabi. But the excessive use of vape can be dangerous for your heart and lungs. Some researchers found that vape addiction can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and heart diseases. You might also experience breathing problems like asthma and other chronic lung issues.

E-cigarettes are addictive as traditional cigarettes:

Most people become addicted to an e-cigarette as they think it is safer than traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes also contain some amount of nicotine that can affect your health. Moreover, it is also considered addictive as cocaine or heroin. However, you can use nicotine-free vape as they are less harmful to your general health.

Vape is not the best suspension of smoking:

While vaping is used to quit smoking, but they are not the best alternative to smoking. Sometimes people start consuming both smoking and vaping at once. Therefore, this thing discourages most people who are a smoker. They find new ways to reduce nicotine intake.

The new generation is addicting nicotine:

Vaping has become a status symbol and fashion for the new generation. They start to vape as fashion, but over time they get habitual to vaping. This is an alarming situation for our youth as they are addicted to smoking. Governments should take serious initiatives to overcome this problem.