Questions you should ask before hiring a restaurant

Arranging kid’s birthdays are very much in trend now. Parents want to throw huge birthday parties which also have kids activities in Dubai. They want their kids to be happy and the also invite their friends on these parties to play with them and to enjoy together. Parents should plan their kids birthday party Dubai with extensive research so that the party will go out amazingly without any tension. Following are some things to research before throwing a party:

Time: First of all there must be the party time which is suitable for all the guests so that they can enjoy the party and no one will be apologetic about not coming to the party due to any work. That’s why the party should be at evening when there is no office work and also no tension of school for the guest kids. Parents and kids both can enjoy the party at evening time.

Place: Place must be the one which is reachable by the guests and they can reach their easily without any worry. Also the place must be big enough for kids to play there and to accommodate all the guests easily. Seating arrangement for guests is also very important and it should be taken care as a priority.

Food: Food is the main attraction of every party. A high-quality food means a grand party. There are many luxury restaurants from which you can order a variety of continental food for your party. These restaurants give you liberty to opt from deals or you can choose individual items as well if you don’t like all the items offered in the deals. The hotel you hire must give a good quality food while keeping in view the likes and dislikes of the kids. Before hiring you should tell them about your kid’s party requirement and ask for a tasting trial. Most of the hotels provide the facility of free food tasting samples without asking when you go there to take reservations. If you don’t like their sample then you can give them guiding principles about arranging food. You can also tell them about a specific restaurant and they are then bound to provide food from there but only few hotels give you this freedom of choosing your favorite restaurant.