What is Non–Destructive Testing?

May be you have never heard about Non-destructive testing, well here in this article we are going to let you know about NDT training in Dubai  and its major benefits.  NDT training is a term which is used for examination of materials and components. These materials and components are examined in such way that helps material to be examined without destroying and changing their usefulness. This certification is used to find the size, defects, and locate the subsurface and surface flaws. It plays a key role in our daily life and much important for safety and reliability.

There are many examples such as spacecraft (shuttle), pipelines, motor vehicles, trains, bridges, refineries, power stations, oil platforms and buildings; all these things are inspected using NDT. It is quality assurance management tool that gives impressive result.  It requires a good understanding of different methods. There are many ISO consultants in UAE that provide NDT training to companies. It helps to achieve particular goals, there are many things like products, materials and even equipments that fail to achieve their requirements due to some defects that can require much expensive repair and replacement. NDT training helps to find these defects and technical issues.

Here are some major benefits of NDT training such as:

  • It helps to prevent accident and reduces the cost.
  • It improves product reliability.
  • It helps to determine the acceptance within a given requirements.
  • It gives information on repair criteria.

In order to collect the information:

  • For visual inspection
  • For acoustic emission
  • For magnetic particle inspection
  • For Eddy current inspection.
  • Fir radiographic inspection.

Here are some more informative advantages of NDT training:

  • Institutes provide complete and concise online certified NDT training.
  • All training is computer based.
  • This course accessible everywhere in the world, you start anytime.
  • This training is helpful to assist in global requirements.
  • NDT training provides quick solutions.
  • You can work at your own space; time limit could be 1 week or 1 year.
  • Institutes set you up with password for 24 hour access.
  • They look after all of the questions and visit your place with all requirements for certification application.

Institutes provide all data for inspectors, technicians, engineers and other persons who require more information, for a specific project or simply personal research.