FAQs related to vaginal rejuvenation

There are so many different vaginal problems which women of all ages face but are too shy or intimidated to be openly speaking about them. There are a hundred different complications which can tag along with women’s desire and arousal. Chronic health conditions, decreased testosterone and vaginal dryness are to name a few. PRP is the basic approach toward vaginal rejuvenation as it helps with many other different disorders as a holistic approach.

Here are a few questions which you may want to know about PRP treatment:

  • What happens in vaginal PRP procedure?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma injection which triggers stem cell growth and multiplication of younger growth tissue in the injected area. As for the case of vaginal rejuvenation PRP is injected in the upper wall of vagina and clitoris promoting collagen and elasticity production around the vagina. This happens due to tissue which thickens around and inside the vagina which solves a lot of problems such as sexual enhancement, stimulation and hydration.

  • What consists in PRP and how long does the procedure take?

PRP is a combination of high concentration platelets and bioactive proteins which is often used with laser beam to release or promote the growth of essential hormones and collagen for the formation of elasticity. As for the time required in this process it is going to take almost an hour because from procedure to treatment the process is going to be a bit time consuming.

  • Results and affects of the treatment?

Most of the time this treatment is combined with others such as ovarian or uterine at the same time so in order to let the patients feel comfortable, light sedation is induced so that the process can be easily carried out. The affects are slow but surely noticeable as it takes some time for the collagen to form and thickening and tightening to take place. Good results are expected in about 14 months.

  • How long does it last?

As mentioned above, it is obvious that results are going to be visible in 14 months which means that it should be renewed every 12 months or so. This is a temporary treatment which means that in order to seek the results continued, you must get it re-injected.