Methods to get stain free teeth under your budget

People often search on the internet about how they can get rid of their yellow teeth without going to the best dentist in UAE. The reason behind this search is that dental treatments are very expensive especially if they want to get Hollywood smile in Dubai. Several treatment are available to make your teeth bright white and reduce the stains on them. But there are some other treatments are available which you can get at your home within very low price. For getting the idea about these treatments you can look at this article:

Baking soda: One of the cheapest treatments for teeth is baking soda. You can buy it in few riyals and then use it for several days as it is used in a very little amount. While using baking soda you have to be very careful about the amount taken because too much amount will damage your teeth. Also it cannot be used for prolonged duration.

Oil pulling: It is believed to have major effects on your teeth color and also to your overall health. Along with the benefits, this method is very cheap as you have to buy coconut oil for this method which is not very expensive.

Apple cider vinegar: It is getting very fame due to the health benefits reaped from it. The basic thing is that if you swallow the apple cider vinegar then it will not harm you in respect of baking soda or oil pulling which can damage your health if swallowed after squishing. The method to use is like oil pulling but you can also brush your teeth with this.

Fruits and veggies: It is a delicious method to remove stains from your teeth and make them white. In this method you just have to eat different fruits and veggies which have abrasive surface so that while eating they can brush your teeth surface and remove any kind of stains.

Brushing: the most important thing in order to retain your oral health is to brush two times a day. You should not only develop this habit but also make sure that your children act upon it so they can have beautiful smile throughout their life. Brushing your teeth for almost 8 to 10 minutes is recommended by the dentists.