Symptoms of mental health issues

Anxiety is getting common these day even kids are experiencing this and complaining about their anxiety levels. It is necessary to get anxiety treatment in Dubai as soon as you see even the smallest diversion of a person from their normal behavior. Anxiety is not always to visible form the talking and body gesture, it is a more complicated thing than what people think about it. Hypnotherapy in Dubai can also help in making people back to their normal life through different techniques and exercises. Following are some signs which you have to take care:

Mood swing is then most common sign of anxiety. Although it is not the only sign because sometimes people show mood swings due to the hormonal imbalance like in pregnancy but if the situation is persistent and accompanied by other sign then it must be take care swiftly.

Weight loss is another sign of anxiety because when people are feeling low they often lose their appetite and as a result they will shed their weight more rapidly than usual. But on the other hand some people will tend to eat more when they are anxious or depressed so that will start getting weight and after that their anxiety will increase when they see a greater movement on their scale.

Sleep of an anxious person will affect as the major sign of being mentally ill. An anxious person will either get sleep deprived in which he will be unable to get the required sleep for normal functioning or he will get hypersomnia in which he will start sleeping more and more without any time limit and if someone else interrupt their sleep then they will become violent towards them. Getting a good night’s sleep of about 8 hours is essential for normal functioning of mind and body as they both need rest. If they do not get the proper rest then they will not function well.

Loneliness is the feeling which an anxious person feels all the time even if he or she is with their friends. They think that no one cares about them and people are betraying them while in reality people are concerned about their changed behavior. Some people choose to get lonely and become confined at their homes and become introvert living in their own made fantasy life.