The role of UAE’s hospitals in the rise of medical tourism

The United Arab Emirates has joined the likes of Mexico, Thailand and India in the recent years as one of the hottest medical tourism destinations. The two-tier healthcare system in Dubai has won many hearts both locally and internationally. The easy access to the healthcare facilities has increased the trust in the local public, which is a mix of local nationals and expatriates from over a hundred countries. The hospitals in Dubai are studded with the best medical facilities and apparatus to ensure top quality services to the patients, both local and foreign, without any discrimination.

Some of the aspects that keep the hospitals in Dubai stand out from the crowd are listed below.

  1. The hospitals in Dubai are purposeful and very well-organized with the latest automated systems. You don’t need an attendant to tell patients about how to acquire services at the premises. The patients can easily draw their token, wait for their turn and see their doctor when their code number flashes on the display screen at the OPD hall. Moreover, if they have to take the inpatient facility, their condition and performance is monitored round the clock and all the related departments are always in the contact to stay on the high alert to be able to discharge the duties if and when required.
  2. The canteens and eateries at the hospitals in Dubai offer only the most hygienic food items so that the patients and their attendants never have to go out to find something to eat. Moreover, the professional nutritionists design the diet chart in a way that goes well with the medication plan and ensures speedy recovery of the patient.
  3. Another big quality of the Dubai healthcare system is that it is affordable to all and sundry. It is so reasonable that thousands of people from across the globe opt for having their medical treatment and procedures done in one of the hospitals in Dubai. In many countries, the hospitals which offer services at a cheaper rate always compromise on the quality quotient, but you would never find such a thing in Dubai-based hospitals. All the services including diagnostic tests are offered at a reasonable price so that the patient never feels overburdened financially.

All in all, the hospitals of UAE and the excellent services offered to patients there have played an important role in making it one of the top destinations of medical tourism.